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"Unite!  Ignite!  Let's start a movement...
 Together, anything is possible."

"Dying to Teach" is more powerful than "Bully." Click here.

Click here to find your state's model bullying and harassment policy!

A Piece Full World is cited in Dr. Robert Brooks' December article on workplace bullying! Click here to read Dr. Brooks' insights.

Check out this educator finally finding renewal after having been bullied by her principal... Oh, yeah; I'm the educator!!

Fellow Targets- You will love this video! Click here to see how a movement is started.

Click here for Children's Movement of Florida piece I wrote about bullying and how to prevent it.

Click here for The Workplace Bullying Institute's latest survey. Get ready. It is not a good thing....

Click here for "Almost Psychopaths in the Workplace." Take a look at the ten indicators. Scary stuff.

Click here to check out NEA's Workplace Bullying Prevention training!

Click here for an article about children, their telomeres, and aging! Moments of enlightenment! STRESS for children and STRESS for adults is just plain hazardous to our health.